How You Can Make a Living Online

Plenty of people dream of sitting at home making a living from working on their computer. Millions of people have achieved this dream as there are plenty of opportunities to earn online. Most people do not realize that to make a living they might need to work for the 8 hours that they would have at a regular job. No company is going to pay you a living wage to look at your favorite celebrities tweets or Facebook posts. The following are opportunities that you can find to earn a living or make some extra cash.



A smartphone isn’t going to cut it if you want to become a writer for pay. Grabbing a Lenovo laptop is cheaper than ever now that Groupon has coupons for the company on their site. There are plenty of large companies looking for a variety of different written content. Some ecommerce giants are looking for product copywriting while other companies might need blog posts written. There are freelancer platforms like Upwork which can be an excellent place to start. Set your rates lower than you would like at first in order to get experience dealing with clients on a daily basis.

Virtual Assistant

There are plenty of people who are looking for virtual assistants for a variety of tasks. This could be organizing a spreadsheet or something as simple as scheduling meetings with clients. Other tasks would include responding to emails and acting like an executive assistant. This will take a person who works on their own and is extremely organized. A majority of people looking for a virtual assistant simply need help organizing all of their work.

Social Media Manager

There are so many brands that need help with their social media that it seems like there are unlimited jobs. If you are social media savvy then this can lead to a full-time position where you can work remotely. Most companies want to engage with their followers as well as share content that their followers will find interesting. Multiple accounts can be run at the same time so don’t just limit yourself to one. Schedule out posts for a full month so there is always something going up on each platform they utilize.

The above jobs are plentiful if you have the skills then you should try to apply for one today. Freelancing is a great way to earn a living as it gives unmatched freedom to the freelancer so they can work from anywhere in the world!